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Melvin John
Designs often. Codes sometimes. Digital + Technology @Chumbak. Formerly co-founded @Codeyssus Labs. In love with simple designs and smart interactivity.
Image credits: Chumbak

Chumbak is a Design Led Lifestyle Brand for products across Apparel, Home and Accessories. We retail over 100 categories across 20 stores pan India. We also retail through our web store, which has evolved into a highly interactive and fast growing online business with a heavy focus on building a powerful brand through engaging content and memorable buying experiences. With the rise of mobiles in India and increasing traffic on our mobile site, we decided it was high-time to develop a native mobile app to ensure every shopping experience is worth the customer’s time, money and effort. The hurdle for…

A case study for a leading ecommerce fashion and home decor portal to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. I’ve picked a specific problem here and I’ve used inputs from my research and findings from my tenure with Chumbak and interaction with it’s customers.

The proposition:

Redesign the E-commerce portal to a contemporary and responsive mobile first platform that would increase user engagement keeping the end-user expectations at the epicenter, while giving them a similar experience as shopping from a physical store.

The value delivered

  • A goal-oriented interface using Fitts’s & Hick’s law to guide the user execute the purchase without feeling lost.


Considering the present scenario of remote working being the new normal, your local primary school has decided to embrace remote schooling. They have developed a web-based application to enable remote work for teachers and students.

The student application is fairly simple and straightforward but the teacher side has a multitude of features — manage schedules and milestones ( class schedule, school calendar… ), manage school work ( publish, assess and grade assignments, attendance… ), manage students ( track performance, milestones, achievements, student groups… ), enable remote interactions, notification and more. …

“Price comparison apps and websites are the quintessence of the online retail industry.”

It is true that earlier people didn’t even think twice about how big of a hole, their shopping expense going to drill in their pocket. But the time has changed, and shoppers have become smart.

With so many brands and companies producing the same products, and competing for attention, it becomes tough for a shopper to decide. And none of them wants to be wrong about what they buy.

So, what do they do? 🤨

With so many substitutes available in the market, all the shopper needs…

Let’s dive into how Tinder onboards new users, creates habit loops, drives our behavior and hooks us up to keep using the app. Get on board!

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Tucked away from the rest of the world, far away from the big cities and the bigger people that inhabit it, lay this little peace of heaven called Gokarna. While one side is flanked by the Arabian Sea, the other side is guarded by the rocky mountains. I travelled from beach to beach across narrow paths carved on a mountain, twisting its way through dense woods, cliffs and rocks. Also met some amazing folks, ran the beaches, played frisbee, and hula hooped. A finite land with infinite stories and experiences. If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday…

Melvin John

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